Lake Improvement Special Assessment

From 1999 until 2002 the CBCA board and other members of the association worked closely with experts in lake management and water quality and improvement to determine what was the best method to preserve and protect our lake for the future.

At the annual meeting in January 2000 the general membership approved a 10 year plan with an annual $300 water quality special assessment for all members. The purpose was to develop a funding source to provide for dredging of silt and organic materials from the bottom of the lake, the construction of additional water wells and the installation of aerators. As more information was gained thru continued research and planning, it became evident that the original 10 year plan was not practical, and an accelerated proposal was approved by the general membership. This revised plan was implemented beginning after the Dec. 2002 special meeting of the general membership. The more aggressive plan includes draining the lake and the removal by heavy equipment of the unwanted material. Work will be undertaken in the summer of 2003 with the lake refilled and ready for boating in the summer of 2004.

The general membership approved this plan, along with the elimination of the $300 ten (10) year special assessment which was replaced by a $690 (including interest) special assessment for seven (7) years. The special assessment is due beginning October 1, 2003. Members are also encouraged to prepay this cost. If $3800 is paid on or before April 1, 2003 there will be no interest charges. Any member that elects to prepay their remaining balance anytime during the 7 year obligation may do so at anytime. These will be calculated on a case by case when requested.