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In an effort to keep our residential neighborhoods as strong and attractive as possible, the City of Lincoln has established standards for the way in which recreational vehicles, campers, boats, and trailers are stored. The standards are explained on this page. your cooperation will help make Lincoln a better place in which to live and work.

Parking Outside in the Front Yard

Parking Outside in Rear or Side Yard

Lincoln allows recreational vehicles, campers, boats and trailers to be parked inside an enclosed structure that conforms to the zoning requirements of the particular district in which it is located.

A recreational vehicle, camper, boat or trailer can be parked outside of an enclosed structure in the required front yard on a concrete driveway or its equivalent under the following conditions:

1. Space is not available in the side or rear yard. A corner lot is always deemed to have reasonable access to the rear yard. A fence is not deemed to prevent reasonable access.

2. Enclosed parking is not possible.

3. The recreational vehicle, camper trailer or boat is parked perpendicular to the front curb.

4. The recreational vehicle, camper trailer or boat is not parked within two feet of the front or side property line, and does not extend over the sidewalk or public right-of-way.

5. Parking is permitted only for storage and cannot be:
a. used for dwelling purposes for more than 14
days in any calendar year
b. permanently connected to any utility
c. used for storage of goods, materials,
or equipment.


The recreational vehicle, camper, trailer, or boat may be parked anywhere on the premises for loading or unloading. The use of electricity and water is permitted to prepare the vehicle for use. The recreational vehicle, camper, trailer, or boat must be owned by the resident of the property where it is parked.


Anyone violating the above code is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be punished by a fine not to exceed $100.00. Each and every day the violation exists after notification may constitute a separate offense.

 If you have questions please call 402-441-7785
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