Use and Care of Commons Areas

Motor vehicles, boats, etc. may not be parked on the grassy commons of CBCA at any time

and will be towed at the owner’s expense.


ALL motor vehicles, boats, etc. parked on the street more than 72 hrs on Pelican Bay Place,

North Lakeshore Drive, West Lakeshore Drive will be towed at the owner’s expense.


No one may exceed the 25-mile per hour speed limit on Pelican Bay Place, North Lakeshore

Drive & West Lakeshore Drive.


As part of the fish restocking program, NO fishing is allowed in Capitol Beach Lake until

further notice by the Board.


Association commons, including Capitol Beach Lake, cannot be used for private gain.  Boat

dealers may not demonstrate watercraft on the lake to anyone other than a resident for

purchase consideration.


In ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the lake water, DO NOT feed the

geese.  Laboratory analysis and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission experts have

advised us that geese fecal waste in the lake will degrade the water quality.


Any major repairs, changes or new construction of seawalls, docks or other structures in the

lake must be submitted to the CBCA Board to request an easement.


A license agreement must be completed, submitted to the Board, and approved for any new

construction, repair or changes of seawalls, docks, boat lifts, or any other structure in the

lake, or for any garden/flower plots on the commons,  before any work is started.  The form and

content of this agreement must be agreed to by the CBCA Board.  All approval forms will be

kept on file with CBCA.


Boat docks and sea walls that are deteriorated and considered to be unsafe, or a hazard to

boating on the lake, may be subject to removal or repair 30 days after notice from the CBCA

Board.  Any costs incurred by CBCA will be assessed to the property owner.


Only standard boatlift covers (vinyl-canvas) of any color may be used.


The CBCA boat ramp and dock may be used by any member of the association in good

standing.  Use by non-members is prohibited.


The CBCA workboat is for the purpose of maintaining the common lake properties including

the islands, buoys and other purposes as approved by the CBCA Board. The workboat shall not

be used for personal use by anyone.


Revised – April 2013