Register Your Watercraft (plus, 2013 form)

All watercraft used or operated on Capitol Beach Lake must be owned in the same name as
that of the property owner or lease resident.  Residents may not bring watercraft of friends
or relatives onto the lake.

All watercraft used or operated on Capitol Beach Lake will be the responsibility of the property
owner. This includes the use and actions of their guests.

All annual dues and any special assessments for the year must be paid BEFORE watercraft may be
registered by any CBCA member for use on Capitol Beach Lake.

In addition, all new residents, after January 1, 2002, are required to take and pass a boating
safety course.

The following information must be submitted on a form approved by the CBCA Board:

1    Copy of pink Nebraska registration, for sailboats, number on sail.
2    Brief description of the watercraft..
3    Boat length as per manufacturers rating LOA.
4    Insurance certificate, showing watercraft vehicle identification number & coverage of at least $500,000.00
5    $25.00 for each watercraft, requiring a Nebraska Certificate of number and all sailboats over 10 feet in length.
6    Proof of completion of a state boating safety course, if new resident after January 1, 2002.

Gate keys will be non-duplicating, numbered and recorded when issued.  A $25.00 fee will be assessed
for all lost keys and keys left unattended in boat ramp lock.  One boat ramp key will be issued to each
owner or lease for launching or loading their watercraft.  New keys are issued each year.   Any member
who loans their key to anyone may be subject to loss of lake privileges as  determined by the CBCA

The CBCA Board will issue a numbered decal for each registered watercraft. The decal shall be
placed on the right side of the watercraft to the rear of the centerline and  visible when the watercraft
is moving about in the water. The decal must be removed before the watercraft leaves the possession of
the CBCA owner.  All watercraft must display a current year CBCA decal in an approved location.
Canoes, non-electric paddle boats, kayaks, windsails and sailboats under 10’ are issued decals at no

The Nebraska plate number and the CBCA annual decal must be affixed to the watercraft before it is
permitted access to Capitol Beach Lake.

All watercraft must have current proof of insurance on file with CBCA.  A minimum of $500,000 each
craft, per occurrence is  required for all watercraft that requires to be registered with the state.  Each
watercraft must be listed on the certificate of insurance along with the vehicle identification number.
Certificate of insurance must be in the same  name as the boat owner and property owner or leasee.  The
identification number must coincide with the  registration.

Any CBCA Board member can make provisions for members in good standing to secure temporary
permission to “try out” or “test” boats or watercraft they are contemplating purchasing.  No testing shall                                      be allowed on any holiday, holiday week-end or be done for more than 24 hours.

Revised – April 2013


complete and mail in this form:


         PO  BOX  81141

         LINCOLN,  NE  68501

 Name_______________________             Lake Address_____________________________


Cell # 402-_____________________                  Home Phone 402-__________________


List all watercraft regardless of size, even if there is no charge.  A sticker will be issued for all watercraft.

I wish to register the following type(s) of watercraft:

Pontoon, Powerboat, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Sailboat, Catamaran, Windsail, Canoe, Jet Boat, Paddleboat

Type              Length  NB   state plate #                       12 digit hull identification #            Color/Colors








I agree to maintain liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 on each watercraft that is required to be registered with the state & requires a NB registration number.  I certify that upon receipt of the 2013 NE Boating Guide, the CBCA lake rules and regulations, and the Capitol Beach Lake map with buoy placement and boating traffic pattern, I will read and abide by them.  If I have guests who use my craft or if I have a renter, I certify that he/she has read the above & will comply with the above rules & regulations. I also certify that the above information is true and accurate and I consent to the measurement of my watercraft by the CBCA Board or its representatives upon the Board’s request.


______________________________              ____________

Signature  of Applicant                                                 Date


CBCA 2013 decal(s) will be issued by mail upon receipt of this completed form.  If you trade watercraft or purchase additional craft, you must submit an additional form and receive the 2013 decal before putting the new watercraft in the lake. Remove all CBCA stickers from sold watercraft and turn the stickers in with registration of new watercraft and there will be no $25.00 charge in 2013, if purchased during the same year as old watercraft was registered.   Return completed form to the above address.


NOTE:     There is a $25.00 fee for each watercraft that requires a Nebraska State watercraft  

                plate number and a $25.00 fee for all sailboats over 10’.  Canoes, non-electric

               paddleboats, kayaks, sailboats under 10’ and windsails will be issued stickers at no




___Approved by _______________ for CBCA Board.            Date _______________


CBCA key # issued _______ Amount Paid ________ Check # ___________ Cash___


___Not Approved by ______________for CBCA Board.        Date ______________


Reason for denial:                                                                              Revised – February 2013