Boat Noise Testing Rules


         The area between the shoreline and the white buoys is considered a NO noise zone.  The purpose of this no noise rule is to prevent disturbing the peace of homes abutting the lake.  


No watercraft can be operated in excess of 96 decibels.  Testing may be done at the direction and by the method selected by the CBCA board.

All powered watercraft must have a muffler, as defined by Nebraska Boating rules.

No watercraft equipped with “cut-out” or “by-pass” devices or any other modifications to the muffling system may operate these devices on CapitolBeachLake.

Any watercraft that receives a complaint filed with the CBCA board for violation of these noise standards shall submit to testing within 1 week of the owners’ notification of the complaint.

At the time of testing, any watercraft found to be equipped with a “by-pass” or “cut-out” device shall be required to perform the noise level test with the “by-pass” or “cut-out” open and closed.

Refusal or failure to submit to testing shall result in immediate removal of the watercraft from the lake.

Subsequent successful testing after refusal or failure to submit shall result in a 30-day suspension from the date of successful test completion of the watercraft for failure to cooperate.

Boats requiring mechanical changes to pass the noise test MUST be inspected BEFORE returning on the lake.

Revised – April  2013